Ingewikkeld is a company of specialists in building web applications. All our people have their own specialty and experience to rely on. Our choice of programming language is usually PHP, but we regularly play with other languages and tools. Most of the projects we work on are built on top of Symfony, Laravel or another framework, but we also work on codebases that have no framework or a custom framework.

We don't want to grow our company just for the sake of growing. Instead, we grow with a goal in mind. At the moment our customers need us more than they used to, and we're working hard on great events such as Comference and the Ingewikkeld Sessions.

This means there is room for new people on our team! For that reason we are looking for 1 or more

Software developers(s)

Our people work with one goal in mind: We want to help our customers solve their problems.

Sometimes that means we become part of an existing development team; sometimes that means we help with setting up a new development team; in other situations we don't develop but help with advice, writing user stories, facilitating good communication between developers and the rest of the organization and more such challenges.

What do we offer

  • Variation and choice — You work for one, two, three or sometimes more customers every year. This is an important part of your job. More »

  • A good salaris — An indication: €4250 - €4750 based on 40 hours per week. We prefer you work at least 32 hours a week. More »

  • Time for professional development — Everyone at Ingewikkeld works a maximum of 4 days a week for our customers. Next to that, you have time to use for your professional development. More »

  • Personal growth —We help you to be successful and to grow. More »

  • A good (home)work environment — We regularly work on-site at the customer, but we also put a lot of effort into making working from home successful for both you and our customer. More »

What are we looking for

  • You understand code — If you look at a new (PHP) codebase, you dig into it and quickly get the basic idea of the application.

  • Expertise — Someone with quite some experience in software development, preferably with PHP. Do you have experience with different tech-stacks, frameworks and environments, perhaps even with DevOps? Or is your focus perhaps more on the process or the people? That would be a great bonus for us!

  • Ambition & willing to learn — We think it's important that people at Ingewikkeld keep developing themselves. For that reason we are looking for people who want to keep learning and who are curious about how things work.

  • A community-person — Affinity with open source and/or the PHP community is not required but is very welcome.

  • Diversity — Given the composition of our current team we have a preference for candidates who make our team more diverse. Having said that, everyone is welcome to apply.

How to apply?

Send an email to with your CV.

Let us know why you think you should be part of our team and what kind of things you want to learn in the coming years.

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